• 3-Day Survival CQB: "Super" Dave Harrington - August 23-25

3-Day Survival CQB: "Super" Dave Harrington - August 23-25

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Please Note: Attendance at this course is at the discretion of course host and Combat Speed, LLC. Individuals wishing to attend should have extensive prior firearms training and at least a basic working knowledge of building clearing techniques.

Training Dates:
08/23/2019 - 08/25/2019 (Friday through Sunday)

Training Location:
Barrow County Sheriff's Office Range and Shoothouse facility
1059 Briscoe Mill Road  Bethlehem, GA 30620

Training Focus:
1 Day Combat Pistol / 2 Days 1 & 2 Man CQB.

Ammunition Forecast:
1,000 rounds live / 300 UTM / Simunition / FoF rounds.

Special Considerations:
All work will be performed from concealment. Appropriate clothing should fit the civilian (off duty) environment.

Kit & Equipment:
Your “normal” carry load out, have access to additional reserve magazines (have a least a total of five high cap mags) and adequate support materials.

Rough Training Schedule:
Friday Showtime; 0730 the remaining schedule will be briefed based on access to the CQB Facility.

Training Fee:
$650.00 / Range Fee; $50.00.

Questions concerning registration, vetting, and training content should be directed to Dave Harrington at superdaveharrington@gmail.com.
Questions concerning venue, GA POST law enforcement training hours, or logistical concerns should be directed to Clark Sparrow at sparrowdefense@gmail.com