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My father was an NRA Firearms Instructor and the high school marksmanship program leader. He taught me to shoot when I was 8 years old. Later, I shot with organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America and 4-H. Through these organizations I was given the opportunity to meet many new friends and have positive experiences. Firearms training taught me responsibility, and that every action has a very real consequence that cannot be taken back. It is an important value that I have kept with me throughout the years. I applied that value as a student, public school teacher, law enforcement officer, and as a firearms instructor.

I am a full-time law enforcement officer / law enforcement instructor. I believe that violence should be a tool of last resort. Dangerous situations can often be avoided through awareness of your surroundings and making intelligent decisions to lower your risk. However, there are times when prevention strategies fail and you will need to defend yourself. On that day, your level of training and preparation will dictate how effectively you act.

Each year, millions of people become the victims of violent crime. This isn't a phenomenon specific to our culture; every country in the world has those who prey upon the unwary. The "Active Killer" phenomenon has brought violence into our streets, businesses, and schools. Violence against women, which receives little recognition or publicity, is both under-reported and on the rise. It is an unfortunate truth that many people in the United States, through no fault of their own, will be targeted by criminals within their lifetime.

Do you have a plan to deal with a violent confrontation? If it is only "Call 911," you should know that the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports it takes more than 10 minutes for officers to arrive. These are some of examples of what I've seen since becoming an officer:

  • All units are already on priority emergency calls and cannot come to your aid.
  • Alarm companies generally attempt to contact key-holders or homeowners prior to sending emergency services.
  • The responding officer may have a vehicle accident while coming to your aid.
  • You may give the wrong address to the 911 operator while under stress.

Most violent confrontations last seconds. You cannot afford to wait for someone to save you.

Sparrow Defense was formed so that law-abiding citizens, school personnel, business owners, and law enforcement officers could receive quality training in Self-Defense, Firearms, Crime Prevention Strategies, and Emergency Medical Aid. When you take a course with us you will leave with three things:


  • You will learn Firearms and technical skills being taught to law enforcement and emergency services personnel. Our courses have a higher standard for accuracy and skill than found in most law enforcement courses.
  • We develop your Situational Awareness so that you can avoid dangerous situations completely. In the event of unavoidable conflict, these skills will prepare you to defend yourself and your loved ones.
  • We provide guidelines for communicating with law enforcement / emergency services personnel so that you do not become a victim of the legal system.


  • We are certified to teach through the following organizations:
    • Georgia Peace Officer Standards Training Council
    • Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
    • Defense Training International
    • Range Master
    • Talon Defense
    • Centrifuge Training
    • The National Rifle Association
  • Upon completing a course, students will receive course completion certificates to detail and document your training. This is helpful if you need to defend yourself in court.
  • Many courses allow students to shoot the same standardized qualification courses used by Georgia law enforcement officers. This provides written documentation that your level of skill equals or exceeds that of current law enforcement officers.


  • At the end of the class, you will be confident in your knowledge of the law and have a clear understanding of your own firearm skill level.  You will have the tools to enable rapid, ethical decisions during moments of stress.
  • Our courses are peer-reviewed for accuracy and effectiveness. We regularly cross-train with other instructors and share information so that the material you're getting is up-to-date and effective. Lesson plans are constantly changing to reflect current information, so we're not operating on stale information.
  • I encourage students to keep in touch and to reach out with questions or comments in the future.  Firearm proficiency is a journey, not a destination. Be assured that we'll be there to mentor you after your class.

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