Active Shooter Workshops

Students may elect to attend One or Both days of the course.  Day 1 DOES NOT involve any student work with live firearms.

School Personnel Response to an Active Shooter:

Effective July 1, 2014, properly trained school personnel, with the permission of their School Board or administrative body, are eligible to carry a firearm within a school safety zone.  This two day course was specifically designed to meet the minimum training requirements laid out in 16-11-127.1 and 16-11-130.1 in regards to school personnel and administrators who are considering the addition of firearms to their schools Emergency Safety Plan.

Civilian Response to an Active Shooter:

This two day course was designed for Civilians and Business Professionals who wish to become educated and prepared in the event of an Active Shooter Incident.  Active Shooters have targeted places of worship, military bases, shopping malls, movie theaters, political rallies, social gatherings, and businesses.  More than 70% of Active Shooter Incidents are concluded before law enforcement arrives on scene.  While it is always recommended to avoid confrontation, there are times when that isn't possible.  With law enforcement response times running over ten minutes, it is very possible that waiting for someone to save you isn't an option.