Prior to training with us, we will need you to complete some paperwork. For ease of the customer, the forms are available here on the website. Click the capitalized FORM NAME below to access and complete it.

  • REGISTRATION FORM: Basic information about who you are and your previous firearms training. This allows us to tailor your experience because we can more accurately gauge your current skill level and familiarize ourselves with the equipment you will bring to training.
  • LIABILITY WAIVER: Shooting a gun has an inherent level of risk. We have never had an injury or incident on our range, but we still carry a LOT of insurance because accidents can happen. In lay-person terms, our waiver says you're promising not to shoot your instructor, yourself, other people who don't need shooting, and any item of value that you're not supposed to shoot. By completing an online ATTESTATION form, you can complete the waiver electronically. If you prefer to bring a paper copy of the waiver with you, that is fine.