Gear Review: Veil Solutions Holsters and Magazine Pouches

I met Chris Woomer of Veil Solutions in June of 2015 at a Talon Defense “Gunfighter” course.  I’d seen him at matches and looked over his website, but I’d never had an occasion to speak with him prior to that.  During the three day course, I saw his gear in action and spoke with him about his company.  Woomer attends training and competitions regularly, generally finishing at the top of the pack.  He greatly dislikes being put into the “competitive shooter” niche as he is a serious advocate for responsible firearms carry and tactics for everyday use.  Watching him shoot, it’s obvious that he’s comfortable with his equipment and operating a gun under adverse conditions.  This practical knowledge is extremely valuable when it comes to building and refining his gear.

Woomer started Veil Solutions in 2013 with the goal of providing quality, performance-driven holsters and support equipment at a reasonable cost.  He told me that he tests his products himself in a variety of settings to ensure that they’re as light, practical, and functional as possible.  He’s not shy about admitting when something doesn’t work.  The Veil Solutions website and social media accounts have regular product updates detailing design revisions or changes based on customer feedback.  While he makes products for competition, all of his equipment is practical.  Rather than selecting clothing in orddr to dress around his gun, Woomer believes that your carry gear should support concealment in regular clothing.  As such, he’s designed a number of products that allow for discreet carry in any situation without the use of the out of place “shoot me first” vest or button-down shirt.  The Veil Solutions product line includes knife sheaths, magazine pouches for rifles and pistols, tourniquet holders, and holsters for a variety of applications.  Veil Solutions also offers training courses, weapon stippling, and sponsors a competitive shooting team.

My first Veil Solutions holster was the Ghost, a Kydex clamshell with an adjustable belt loop.  It’s a minimal piece of carry gear and is the lightest piece that Veil Solutions offers.  The Ghost clips around the trigger guard, allowing you to carry inside the waistband with minimal bulk.  The belt clip is adjustable, allowing for left or right hand carry in a variety of heights and angles.  This one-size solution is a great way of discreetly carrying a firearm when you don’t need a light (though the Ghost V2 now allows for that addition).  For approximately two months I carried a Glock 17 appendix style under a normal weight t-shirt and found it comfortable and secure.  The wide range of adjustment built into the Ghost allowed me to move and sit for extended periods in comfort.  It’s not a range holster, as Veil Solutions recommends that you place the firearm in the Ghost and then clip the weapon to your belt, but it is a great option if you’re walking around town or getting in and out of a car all day.

After kicking the tires on the Ghost, I ordered additional gear.  I got with Chris via the Veil Solutions Facebook page.  Chris is pro law enforcement, and offers purchase programs for law enforcement officers and firearms instructors.  After talking over his gear options, I settled on an appendix rig for a Glock 17 with attached light, a single IWB magazine carrier, a Vampire strong side hip holster for a Glock 34 with attached X300, and a double OWB magazine carrier.  While not a standard option on his website, Chris custom-built an appendix rig for my Glock 17 with attached SureFire X300 Ultra.  “That’s a lot of gun for appendix, man” he told me, but he built it regardless and said it would be as comfortable as possible.

My care package from Veil Solutions arrived in September, and since then I’ve worn these holsters daily, both on and off the range.  I carry the appendix rig (comfortably) when off duty and the Vampire when I’m instructing on the range.  They’ve quickly replaced my other gear for a number of reasons.

  • They’re light.  I know nothing about making something out of Kydex, but as an end-user my first observation was that the Veil Solutions gear was roughly half the weight of any other holster I own.  I haven’t noticed any compromise in strength, flexibility, or durability.  The material seems thinner, but it’s held up well under a variety of conditions with minimal signs of wear.
  • They’re compact.  There’s no extra bulk on the Veil Solutions gear.  If there’s material that could be trimmed, it has been.  This gives the holsters and magazine pouches a minimal profile and print when worn, and allows me to wear light clothing such as t-shirts for concealment.
  • They’re low maintenance.  In addition to wearing them daily, I’ve also used both holsters in multiple shooting courses, competitions, and range days.  I’ve crawled through mud, fought over my gun in weapon retention drills, and performed thousands of draws from them.  I haven’t needed to adjust a single screw or attachment point yet, and there’s no sign of wear or reduced function in any of the gear.

I’ve referred a number of shooters to Veil Solutions since I began wearing these holsters, and the feedback I’ve received from them has also been positive.  One individual who works in an auto shop wanted a Ghost for carry when working on and under cars.  He expressed his wish to have the holster rounded more than the standard design, and the Ghost arrived rounded to his specifications at no additional cost.  Another shooter purchased a Mjolnir (holster and mag carrier combo) and has been very satisfied with that setup for his Glock 43.  Thus far, Veil Solutions has made every attempt to build everything to suit the customer, with no upcharges or grief.

While there are many holster manufacturers out there, I’ve found Veil Solutions work to be quality construction and practical.  Woomer’s work reflects an understanding of shooting and concealed carry, and I also like the fact that he’s a Georgia-based small business.  His prices are reasonable, his wait times are short, and he’s very customer service oriented.  If you want something special, he makes every attempt to build his gear to suit.

You can view the Veil Solutions website at, find them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram.

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