• Ladies Only Defensive Pistol: October 14th, 2018

Ladies Only Defensive Pistol: October 14th, 2018

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The Ladies Only Defensive Pistol is an 8-10 hour course that blends the content of our Defensive Pistol I and II courses, but with a focus on carry techniques and methods for ladies to carry a pistol on-body. Students enrolling in this course should already own a pistol and familiar with how it works.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Methods of carrying a firearm
  • Reaction time and situational awareness
  • Pre-Assault Indicators
  • Judgmental Use of Force
  • Intermediate Force Options (Pepper Spray / Taser)
  • Use of Edged Weapons
  • Combatives Skills for Self Defense
  • Presentation of the firearm
  • Loading / Unloading / Malfunction Clearing
  • Rapid engagement of threats
  • Communicating with Law Enforcement and First Responders

Students are encouraged to bring any firearm that they normally carry for self-defense. Additionally, the student may bring any carry / concealment equipment that she normally uses or is considering using in her personal defense plan.

Round count will vary by make and model of the pistol being used in the class, but a suggested round count is 300 rounds for a sub-compact and 500 rounds for a full-sized gun.

A minimal equipment list is:

  • A pistol (semi-automatic or revolver) in good working order
  • Two or more spare magazines or speed loaders for your firearm and a storage method for them such as a magazine pouch
  • A concealment garment
  • A strong side belt holster for your firearm*
  • Approximately 500 rounds of quality ammunition for your firearm
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • A hat
  • Cleaning supplies and tools for your weapon

* Ladies are also encouraged to bring an old / cheap purse for use in the shooting drills. THE PURSE WILL BE DESTROYED DURING TRAINING.