• Low Light Pistol Techniques: November 16th, 2019

Low Light Pistol Techniques: November 16th, 2019

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This will be a 10 hour course focusing on principles of using hand-held or weapon mounted lights in defensive shooting applications.

This class will be taught in Bethlehem, Georgia. We will be using the Barrow County Sheriff's Office Range and Shoothouse setups. The range has power, a heated classroom, a covered shoothouse, and a mock schoolhouse for use in the practical evaluations.

The class is a combination of classroom lecture and live fire exercises on the range. Topics covered in the course will be:

  • How the eye works / what night vision is
  • When and how to use light-gathering sights / night sights
  • Techniques for using a hand-held flashlight in conjunction with a pistol
  • Techniques for using a weapons-mounted light
  • The use of flash sight picture in close quarters / dark environments
  • How to search for and identify a target using direct and indirect lighting
  • The use of light in a structure for home defense
  • How to reload and manipulate a firearm when using a flashlight
  • Clearing malfunctions in low light situations
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • What "Light Discipline" means and why it's important to you
  • Structure Clearing
  • Judgmental Shooting / Problem Solving

Students will also engage in a Shoot / No Shoot structure clearing exercise at the conclusion of the course.

There will be multiple instructors on hand to assist students and provide individual feedback during the course.

The cost for the course will be $225.00 and will include all student handouts and range fees. Students should bring any hand-held or weapons-mounted flashlights that they have and wish to use during the course. NOTE: If a student wishes to use a weapon-mounted light, it must fit in the student's holster during the live fire portion.

Students should expect to shoot approximately of 500 rounds at this course (having extra ammunition available is strongly encouraged).

This is not a course for new shooters. Students wishing to participate in this course should have previous firearms training. Instructors will confirm previous training through speaking with students registering for the course.