Low Light Rifle Techniques

Rifles allow for a ballistic advantage, and are a preferred battle weapon. However, there are specific issues that arise in terms of target identification and engagement in low light conditions. Low Light Rifle Techniques focuses on shooting exercises and skills that highlight the use of hand-held and weapon mounted flashlights in conjunction with the rifle. Topics will include:

  • Light selection and setup
  • Use of lights in conjunction with optical sighting systems
  • Using a hand-held light with the rifle
  • Malfunction diagnosis in low light conditions
  • Target identification
  • Use of cover and concealment in low light
  • Transitioning to a secondary weapon
  • Physiology of the eye
  • Use of Force

Students should have excellent weapon handling skills prior to attending this class. Students should also have their weapons equipped with gear that has been tested prior to the course.

Students should bring a minimum of 200 rounds of pistol ammunition and 500 rounds of rifle ammunition.