• October 19th-20th: 2-Day Structure Tactics Class

October 19th-20th: 2-Day Structure Tactics Class

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This is a travel course for Sparrow Defense, hosted by Modern Outdoor Adventures in Tifton, Georgia. The course is Open Enrollment.

The course is a 2-day lesson, focusing on the problems and considerations specific to defending, moving through, and holding space within a structure. Instruction will focus primarily on tactics useful for a solo operator, but partner tactics will be modeled and worked as well. Couples who attend should use this course as an opportunity to build or further develop their family defense plan.

This course will incorporate the use of modern semi-automatic rifles and handguns. Glock 17T UTM pistols and UTM bolt conversions for the AR-15 platforms will be provided. The cost of ammo is included in the registration fee. Students may elect to bring their own UTM / Simunition / Force on Force rounds and equipment for use in the class.

The course site is an unoccupied residential structure and attached grounds. After building the foundations and modeling methods for moving through space or holding space within a structure, students will participate in scenarios with and against real opponents. The course will utilize UTM marking rounds to provide real-time feedback on tactics and accuracy.

Additional elements that we will work into class include:

  • Delegation of tasks within a home defense scenario
  • Communicating with emergency services
  • Post-action security and medical
  • Weapon manipulations while injured
  • Students who have taken our low light and injured shooter classes should expect to see that content appear in their scenarios.

The disclaimer on this course is that it WILL NOT turn you into a SWAT operator in two days. It WILL provide you with methods for working through the unique problems faced when defending or moving through an indoor location.

The course cost is $525.00 with all equipment and ammunition provided. Students may elect to pay the entire course fee, or to place non-refundable deposit to cover the purchase of their ammunition.