Personal Protection in the Home

On Saturday the 11th of July, eight students came out for Personal Protection in the Home. Between the breeze and available shade, the range conditions were as good as July in Georgia can get.

This is a fun class to teach. The average student will be exposed to multiple new methods of shooting and manipulating their firearm during the course. Rather than standing flat-footed in front of a static target, the student's goal is getting hits as rapidly as possible. Students also practice geometric progression around cover, malfunction clearing, and positional shooting. A majority of the exercises were conducted on steel targets of varying sizes, so shooters were required to balance speed and precision based on the difficulty of each shot as I called out the target and number of required hits to them. As the instructor, I enjoyed guiding them as they worked through the process and any problems that arose. Throughout it all, every student was safe and had a keen awareness of his or her muzzle.

We had a variety of calibers from .22 LR to .357 Sig represented on the line, including a .38 revolver shooter whose owner had opportunity to practice reloads often. I saw a marked improvement in a number of shooters, while others used it as an opportunity to hone established skill sets. Two individuals in the course were attending as a prerequisite for attaining their own instructor certification.

The classroom portion dealt with strategies for home defense, including preventative measures to make a residence less accessible to criminals. It also dealt with the creation of safety plans in the event of a home invasion or break in. The importance of both mindset and attention to the environment are strong themes throughout the material.

This is the fourth time I've taught PPITH, and I haven't had a single student who didn't find the course material useful and informative. If you're interested in getting some feedback on the class, please check the student reviews for yourself.

This class marked the completion of the 3-course NRA Pistol series for some shooters, including Andrew Still. Andrew will be taking on the role of Assistant Instructor during future NRA Basic Pistol courses.

Congratulations to all the students on the completion of this course. Their energy and enthusiasm made it a great class.

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1 Richard Mower - Tue, July 21, 2015 @ 12:44 AM

Just wanted to thank Clark for a great class and great training.

Since I have acquire physical limitations, it was important for me to see what I could & could not do. Clark did an excellent job with all the instructions, tips, answering any and all questions, taking time for each individual. I never felt rushed, in fact I was surprised by the end of class, how much time Clark spent with everyone.
I feel a lot better after taking this class both on the range and in the class room. I highly recommend his classes to anyone and I look forward to more training with Clark Sparrow.
2 Ron Estrada - Wed, July 22, 2015 @ 3:39 PM

Every hour that I spend with Clark Sparrow is interesting, helpful, informative, and fascinating. The Personal Protection in the Home course has added to my skills and confidence. Using a firearm is a HUGE responsibility and Clark Sparrow is a great teacher and communicator. The course both in the classroom and gun range went by very quickly with so much to learn and absorb. Being a teacher myself I appreciate Clark's ability to teach the fundamentals under his watchful eye and years of experience. I highly recommend both private and group lessons to acquire more knowledge, skills, fundamentals, and awareness. A good teacher like Clark Sparrow takes a student down a path much more quickly than practicing the wrong skills over and over. Thanks again Clark and I will see you soon.

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