Personal Safety in the Modern World

This course is approximately four hours in length and utilizes a combination of lecture, group discussion, and practical exercises.  The course focuses on threat avoidance through pre-planning and awareness of your surroundings.  The course will also teach the best practices for deploying Pepper / OC Spray for defense.  (Please note: Students WILL NOT be exposed to / sprayed with OC at this course, though its use and effects will be demonstrated.)

Students who attend the course will receive a canister of the same Pepper / OC Spray issued by law enforcement agencies across the United States.  The course will cover the following topics:

- Situational Awareness and Alertness
- Identifying potential threats
- Precursor behaviors to an attack
- Use of Force law
- Survivor mindset
- Unarmed strikes and kicks
- The use of Pepper / OC Spray for self defense
- How to communicate with emergency services and first responders