We provide Private Instruction for individuals and small groups.  Private Instruction is conducted at The Athens Gun Club or a private outdoor range facility in Watkinsville, Georgia. The lessons make use of a private shooting bay. Students can focus on reaching their goals without interruption, and direct the pace and direction of their firearms education. Contact Us to schedule an appointment.


Private lessons focus on developing the student's skills through 1 on 1 interaction with the instructor. Training is conducted at the shooter's pace and covers any topic that interests him or her. We will cover:

  • The Fundamentals of Shooting
  • The law concerning use of force in defense of habitation, self, and others
  • Defensive mindset and awareness of your surroundings
  • Parts and operation of Revolvers and Semi-Auto pistols
  • Pistol and ammunition selection
  • Other topics by request of student

If a student wishes to complete the practical portion of the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course during the private lesson, they must register for and complete the online learning portion of that class prior to attending the lesson. You can click hereto learn more about that program and/or register.

Currently, we offer private lessons at the following prices:

3 Hour Blocks:

  • 3 Hour Lesson for One Shooter: $150.00
  • 3 Hour Lesson for Two or More Shooters: $125.00 per person

Hourly Rates:

  • $60.00 / hour for a single shooter
  • Additional shooters may be added to the lesson for $30.00 each

Students are responsible for their own range fees

Sparrow Defense provides training materials, use of firearms, and targets. Ammunition is provided for .22 caliber pistols, but students must purchase ammunition for any firearm not chambered in .22 Long Rifle.



All of our courses are available as Private Classes for small groups of friends, family, or co-workers.  As a general rule, a group of 4 or more students is required to hold a private course.  Pricing depends on the number of students, the class requested, and travel requirements.

Please Contact Us with any questions about scheduling.