Shotgun Skills for Home Defense

This is a one day course that focuses on preparing students to use the world's most effective close quarters weapon for home defense. Students will learn to retrieve a shotgun from a place of storage, make the weapon ready for use, and engage targets in simulated home defense scenarios.

Individuals who DO NOT currently own their own shotgun may use a loaner shotgun that will be made available to them.

Topics covered during the course will include:

  • Parts and Operation of the Shotgun
  • Storage methods of the shotgun
  • Loading and unloading the shotgun
  • Patterning the shotgun for buckshot
  • Ammunition exchange
  • Target engagement in close quarters

Students will need to bring:

  • 50 rounds of bird shot (#6 thru #8)
  • 20 rounds of 00 Buckshot
  • 10 slugs

The cost of the course is $100.00.

Students will receive a course completion certificate from Sparrow Defense at the end of the course.