Tactical Rifle II

Tactical Rifle II is a one-day course focusing on using the rifle as the primary fighting tool. Attention will also be paid to the pistol as secondary weapon in the event that the student must fight their way to a rifle or transition due to a weapon malfunction.

Tactical Rifle II requires students to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of working with a semi-automatic rifle. Students attending Tactical Rifle II should be able to perform the following functions:

  • Load / Unload their weapon
  • Diagnose and clear malfunctions
  • Set a zero for their sight systems
  • Effectively engage targets out to 50 yards
  • Demonstrate safe weapon handling procedures for their rifle and a pistol
  • Demonstrate the ability to draw a pistol from a quality holster

Shooting exercises will include movement from cover positions, rapid engagement of targets, threat / non-threat discrimination, and tactics for solo operators and with partners. Students should expect a moderate amount of physical activity.

Gear selection is left to student discretion, but at the minimum, students should have:

  • Semi-Auto Rifle in good working condition (AR-15/M-4 or variant, AK-47/AK-74, Tavor, Mini-14, etc.)
  • Pistol in good working order
  • Three magazines (minimum) for both rifle and pistol
  • Quality holster for pistol
  • Method for storing magazines on person (pockets are ok for rifle mags if that's how you'll be fighting)
  • Eye / Ear protection (Magnified hearing protection recommended)
  • Hat with brim

Round counts will vary, but a minimum of 200 rounds of pistol and 500 rounds of rifle ammunition is recommended.