2020 Group Course Calendar

The initial 2020 Group Course schedule is:
  • February 29th: Tactical Rifle I
  • March 14th: Defensive Pistol I
  • March 15th: Introduction to Structures (Shoothouse / FoF)¬†
  • May 16th: Injured Shooter
  • May 18th: Defensive Pistol I
  • May 19th: Tactical Rifle I
  • June 7th: Home Defense Shoothouse
  • July 18th: Tactical Rifle II
  • August 1st: Defensive Pistol II
  • August 29-30:¬†Pending course (more to follow)
  • October 24 - 25: Two Day Structure Tactics class (scenarios / FoF)
  • November 7th: Tactical Rifle III
  • December 5th: Ladies Only Pistol