Courses for Ladies

Why a Ladies Only Course?

Occasionally, I am asked how the Ladies Only Courses differ in content from our Open Enrollment Group Courses. In most cases, the content remains the same. However, our method of teaching content changes. Please allow me to outline the specific benefits of taking a Ladies Course:
  • Course content begins with the assumption that students will be fighting an opponent who is larger, stronger, and heavier. This generally means that a female victim will be fighting at a disadvantage. That changes the use of force flowchart, equipment setup, and tactics used.
  • We discuss the fact that most clothing made for ladies is less functional. Whereas most men's clothing is built around wearing a belt and filling generously-sized pockets with gear, women's clothing is generally not built with storage space and function in mind. Because of this, a woman's gear setup will generally be different from a man's.
  • Off-body carry in purses, handbags, and backpacks is more common with ladies, and the course teaches the draw from those items if that is the student's preferred method of carrying.
  • Ladies' hands can be smaller, which can present issues when teaching the fundamentals of shooting to a new student.
  • The shape of the male and female pelvis is different, which changes the angle of a presentation from the holster. Equipment features, setup, and a modified draw procedure is taught in the course.
  • In many households, women remain the primary caregivers to young children. This means that a female victim is more likely to be defending herself and dependents.
  • Women are at a much higher risk for personal crimes such as rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, stalking, domestic violence, and unwanted advances than men. We discuss this unfortunate reality and provide methods for lessening risk.

Training Courses for Ladies

Private Individual Lesson

This is a 3-hour block of instruction for those who wish to work on specific skills, or who are looking for formal shooting training. The instructor and student will discuss and agree upon the topics to be taught prior to the lesson. Great for a tune-up or for shooters looking to improve their skill.

Lesson cost includes the use of all firearms and ammunition in .22 long rifle. Students are responsible for the targets, range fees, and additional ammunition (not .22 LR).

Ladies Only Defensive Pistol

A blend of our Defensive Pistol I and II courses, with a focus on concerns for women using a pistol against a larger and stronger opponent. Methods of carry will also include purse / bag carry, as well as equipment setups to offset the drawbacks to most clothing designed for ladies.

Defensive Pistol I

The fundamentals of shooting, loading / reloading, malfunction remediation, access from the holster, use of cover, shooting on the move.

Defensive Pistol II

Weapon retention, edged weapon overview, one-handed manipulations, extreme close quarters shooting, positional work, partner tactics.

Personal Safety in the Modern World

A 4-hour course designed around situational awareness, identification and avoidance of danger, unarmed strikes and kicks, use of OC / pepper spray, use of an edged weapon, knowledge of self-defense law, and communicating with first responders.

Defensive Tactics Workshop

The Defensive Tactics Workshop is a one-day multi-discipline overview of Combative Techniques. The course is designed to provide the student with defensive solutions when the use of a gun or knife may not be legal or prudent. This is the same content we teach to sworn Peace Officers but modeled for the civilian market.