Home Defense Training

Sparrow Defense offers a private training option to individuals and families interested in developing a Home Safety Plan. The Home Safety Plan is exactly what it sounds like: a pre-planned series of responses to a critical incident at your residence.

Most households have a plan for a fire, tornado, or even floods. However, many people have never considered their response to a violent actor attempting to enter their home by force.

Do you have a plan to deal with a violent confrontation? If it is only "Call 911," you should know that the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports it takes more than 10 minutes for officers to arrive. Some examples of what I've seen over 14 years as a law enforcement officer:

  • All units are already on priority emergency calls and cannot come to your aid.
  • Alarm companies will take several minutes attempting to contact homeowners prior to sending emergency services.
  • The responding officer may have a vehicle accident while coming to your aid.
  • You may give the wrong address to the 911 operator while under stress.
  • Your alarm system may not function properly or may have been disabled by the criminal.
  • Due to multiple prior false alarms at your residence, law enforcement supervisors may cancel a response to your home.
Most violent confrontations last seconds. You cannot afford to wait for someone to save you.

We Travel to YOU!

Our Private Home Defense Instruction is a mobile service. We will travel to your residence to conduct the training for you and your family. Training includes:

  • Site survey / walkthrough of the residence to identify any deficiencies in your security.
  • A review of your daily routine and habits to identify behavior-based risks.
  • Recommendations for improving home security practices.
  • Identifying areas of the house that can be used as the best defensible positions when experiencing a break-in or an invasion of the home.
  • A detailed discussion of Georgia Law as it relates to defense of yourself, others, and your home.
  • Developing a Home Safety Plan for the members of the household.
  • Creating a list of support equipment such as flashlights, medical products, communiction devices, and other items that would be useful in a home defense scenario.
  • Rehearsal of the plan with the household members.
  • Validating of the plan through the use of marking rounds in force-on-force scenarios.
Sparrow Defense has a variety of non-lethal training aids that can be used in the home. This includes the use of our Glock 17T training pistols and AR-style bolts. We use the Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) Man Marking Rounds, which fire an 8mm paintball out of real Glock pistols or AR-15 style rifles.

When we validate your home defense plan, you will fire projectiles out of real firearms at a human aggressor. You will get training and repetition on defending your home under realistic conditions. This means that when it becomes time to act, you will be more likely to default to your training, rather than developing a perfect plan in a moment of terror.

All equipment used in this training will be provided by Sparrow Defense.

This training is approximately 4 hours in length. The cost of this course is $350.00 for your family. For larger groups, please contact us to discuss.