Active Killer Response

On December 29th, 2019, an Active Killer entered the West Freeway Church of Christ armed with a shotgun. During the service, he suddenly retrieved a weapon and took the lives of two members of the church. The shooter was then killed by a volunteer security guard, Jack Wilson.

West Freeway Church of Christ (12-29-2019)

From start to finish, the entire armed encounter was six seconds long.

Wilson ended the killing by making a single precision shot across a distance of 25 yards. His round struck the shooter in the head, immediately rendering him unable to continue the violent attack.
Sparrow Defense teaches Active Killer Response to a variety of groups. Our Corporate clients general prefer a detailed site visit, followed by policy creation and Force-on-Force scenarios. We can conduct this training in your facility using live roleplayers.

We also offer the Civilian Response to an Active Killer course throughout the year.

Course Options

School Response to an Active Killer

This two day course was specifically designed to meet the minimum training requirements laid out in 16-11-127.1 and 16-11-130.1 in regards to school personnel and administrators who are considering the addition of firearms to their schools Emergency Safety Plan.

Church Response to an Active Killer

Addresses the specific concerns a Church or Place of Worship faces when integrating a security element. Content focuses on the screening of personnel, creation of Standard Operating Procedures, limiting civil and criminal liability, and maintaining a certification and standard for members.

Civilian Response to an Active Killer

This two day class was designed around the Civilian Responder when facing an Active Killer incident. Active Killers have targeted shopping malls, schools, places of worship, businesses, shipping facilities, concerts, sporting events, and countless other venues.

This is not a basic course, and students attending must have prior defensive handgun training. Your fundamental shooting skills must already be in place prior to attendance.

This course goes beyond the mechanics of shooting, focusing instead on the skills and tactics necessary to protect you, your family / friends, and innocent bystanders. The course will be taught using a blend of classroom instruction, live fire exercises on the range, and marking rounds (UTM brand). Scenario-based training will require the student to make choices in real time. Those decisions will then be debriefed in a post-action session.

Annual Qualification

A one day block of instruction that documents continued training and adherence to performance standards. Legal updates, identification of current trends, revision of your personal / family safety plan and communication procedure, and qualification on the Georgia Semi-Auto Pistol Qualification Course (GSAC).

Annual qualification will be set at the same standards required of Georgia Law Enforcement Officers by the Peace Officers Standards and Training Council.

This option may also be used for students who did not successfully shoot passing scores on the GSAC during the full course. Completion of this block will award the certificate for the full class, as long as all other instructional blocks have been completed on an earlier date.


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