Private Pistol Training

Sparrow Defense conducts pistol training by appointment throughout the week. We use The Athens Gun Club for a majority of this training.

All of our training options teach safety and proper gun handling. Additionally, courses cover the legal issues surrounding firearm ownership and use, including laws related to carrying firearms and using them for self-defense.

Private Pistol Training is perfect for individuals or small groups of up to 4 students. There is a discount for students attending as part of a group.

Lesson Options

Private Pistol Training (Beginner)
$150 Individual / $125 Small Group
Ammunition in .22LR and use of all firearms is included in the cost of this training.

This is a 3+ hour block of instruction for 1-4 students. The cost of the Private Instruction is $150.00 for a single student. For groups of 2-4 students, the price is $125.00 per person. This pricing allows families and friends to attend training together at a discounted rate. The range fee is payable to the host location.

FOR BASIC INSTRUCTION, topics will include:

  • Georgia carry and self-defense law
  • Communicating with law enforcement and first responders
  • Parts and maintenance of pistols
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Live fire exercises on the range
  • Selecting the right pistol for your purposes
  • Carry gear and equipment
  • Dry and Live Fire practice techniques

Students will shoot revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, and pistols equipped with miniaturized pistol optics. This will provide an overview of most popular pistol types on the market. The lesson cost includes the use of all firearms and ammunition in .22 long rifle. Students are responsible for any range fees and the cost of ammunition larger than .22 caliber if they choose to shoot those firearms.

Students seeking to purchase their first firearm may use any of the 50+ range guns to determine what firearm is appropriate for his/her needs. Students with personally-owned firearms are encouraged to use that gun during training. Please note that the student is responsible for the cost of ammunition above the caliber of .22 LR.

Please note that we train to a STANDARD and not a time. The lesson may go longer (free of charge) if the instructor feels that the learning objectives have not been met and the student is willing to stay longer.

The lesson cost includes the use of all firearms and ammunition in .22 long rifle. Students are responsible for any range fees and ammunition that is not .22 caliber.
Private Pistol Training (Advanced)
Price Varies by Content and Facility

FOR ADVANCED INSTRUCTION, please contact us to discuss the content you want to work on. Generally, those areas include:

  • Defensive pistol skills
  • Holster work
  • Weapon retention
  • Shooting on the move
  • Competition skills and drills
  • Police Academy Firearms Preparation / Qualification
  • Annual Law Enforcement Qualifications / Training
  • Other topics as agreed upon
Hourly Coaching Sessions
$75.00 / hour
Students who have already completed a group course or private lesson may elect to take a follow-on session at a later time. This option is only available to individuals who have completed a full training session or one of our Group Courses.

This option is popular among individuals attempting to refine a specific aspect of of shooting or reach a specific benchmark.

Lesson cost includes the use of all firearms and ammunition in .22 long rifle. Students are responsible for the targets, range fee, and additional ammunition (not .22 LR).


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