Shoothouse Training (Force on Force)

Sparrow Defense uses a combination of purpose-built law enforcement training buildings, commercial structures, and residential structures to teach a variety of Shoothouse-Style courses. All of these courses are Force-on-Force, where the student shoots non-lethal marking ammunition at live roleplayers simulating violent actors.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Structures

One day force-on-force class. Introduces the basics of combat and movement within a structure. Students will conduct scenario-based training using Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) marking rounds.

Structure Tactics

2-day shoothouse course utilizing pistols and rifles. Training conducted using Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) marking rounds. Scenarios will require students to understand and explain their actions when force is used.

Home Defense

A course developed specifically to address the methods for defending a residence or homestead. This course may be taken alone or as a couple/family. Students will create a home defense plan and will learn skills necessary for defending themselves and their dependents against attacks in the home. This is a force-on-force class.

Private Home Defense Consultation

Private training option for individuals and families interested in developing a Home Safety Plan. The Home Safety Plan is exactly what it sounds like: a pre-planned series of responses to a critical incident at your residence.


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