Rifle Training

Sparrow Defense rotates through four Tactical Rifle courses throughout each training season. While designed to build upon each other, they may be taken out of order if the student has the required skills to perform shooting tasks safely.

Course Descriptions

Tactical Rifle I

Care and maintenance, understanding ballistics, zeroing the rifle, loading/reloading, malfunction remediation, transitioning to the pistol, use of cover, shooting on the move.

Tactical Rifle II

Shooting at increased speed, one-handed rifle manipulations, positional shooting, aggressive movement, partner tactics, engagement at variable distances.

Tactical Rifle III

Fighting with the rifle. Aggressive movement between cover positions, shooting in compressed increments of time, partner tactics. Strong focus on tactics and round accountability.

Low Light Rifle

Shooting in low / no light environments. Use of hand-held and weapons-mounted lights. Structure work in the shoothouse is included.


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