The cost of ammunition is included in the cost of this course.

Private Introduction to Defensive Firearms



Ammunition is included in the price of this course for all instructor-provided firearms (pistols, semi-auto rifles, and shotguns). The format is similar to our Private Pistol Training, with a slightly higher cost to cover the expense of ammunition.

This is a 3+ hour block of instruction for individuals or private groups.

The course cost is $315.00 for up to two students. Additional students may be added to the lesson for $150.00 per student. For families or groups, this option is set at a cheaper per-student rate than our open enrollment courses, and is often a way to get a discount for enrolling multiple students in our basic instructional classes. Students are responsible for any range fees (if not members of the Athens Gun Club).

This course is taught by appointment during the week and is approximately 3 - 3.5 hours in length. You may schedule this course as an individual or may attend in a group of up to 4 students.

This course provides the student with an overview of the most popular defensive firearms on the market. It is age appropriate for adults and children who demonstrate the necessary maturity to handle firearms.

The course content includes:
  • Georgia carry and self-defense law
  • Communicating with law enforcement and first responders
  • Loading / Unloading / Weapon safety
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Use of Revolvers and Semi-Auto pistols
  • Use of Semi-Auto rifles
  • Use of Pump Shotguns
  • Live fire exercises on the range
Pistols chambered in .22 caliber will be provided, along with ammunition. The AR-style rifle will also be chambered in .22 caliber for the purpose of teaching the mechanics of use. The shotgun used will be a 12-gauge loaded with reduced recoil 00 buckshot.

Students who already own firearms may bring them with you for use during the lesson. You will need to provide your own ammunition for your personal firearms.


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