Personal Defense Without Firearms

While we believe that a firearm is the most effective tool for self-defense, Sparrow Defense offers training in Personal Defense without the use of firearms. There are times when carrying a firearm or deadly weapon is not permissible due to criminal law or workplace policy. There are also many more times when the firearm is not the appropriate tool (IE: a combative juvenile, a family member with a mental health crisis, a person with a medical condition causing combative confusion).

Over the years, the Sparrow Defense team has used non-deadly control techniques far more than we have used firearms for defense. Because of that, we found it prudent to offer training in those same techniques.

Personal Defense Without Firearms courses teach methods for identifying and avoiding confrontations whenever possible. The courses also teach a variety of topics that can be used when those options fail.

Instructional topics can include:
  • Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper) spray
  • Strikes and punches
  • Edged weapons
  • Improvised weapons
  • Handcuffing / Restraint techniques

Course Options

Personal Safety in the Modern World

A 4-hour course designed around situational awareness, identification and avoidance of danger, unarmed strikes and kicks, use of OC / pepper spray, use of an edged weapon, knowledge of self-defense law, and communicating with first responders.

Defensive Tactics Workshop

The Defensive Tactics Workshop is a one-day multi-discipline overview of Combative Techniques. The course is designed to provide the student with defensive solutions when the use of a gun or knife may not be legal or prudent. This is the same content we teach to sworn Peace Officers but modeled for the civilian market.


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