Pistol Training

Sparrow Defense rotates through four Defensive Pistol Courses throughout each training season. While designed to build upon each other, they may be taken out of order if the student has the required skills to perform shooting tasks safely.

Course Descriptions

Defensive Pistol I

The fundamentals of shooting, loading/reloading, malfunction remediation, access from the holster, use of cover, shooting on the move.

Defensive Pistol II

Weapon retention, edged weapon overview, one-handed manipulations, extreme close quarters shooting, positional work, partner tactics.

Injured Shooter

A blend of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) content and shooting techniques for employing a sidearm when wounded. If you're going to make holes, you should learn how to fix holes.

Low Light Pistol

Shooting in low / no light environments. Use of hand-held and weapons-mounted lights. Structure work in the shoothouse is included.


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