Business Security Audit

Sparrow Defense offers security consultations for Businesses, Schools, Religious Organizations, and Individuals.

In conjunction with your leadership, we can build a course to fit a specific need or show training compliance to meet an existing SOP. Our programs lower your Civil Liability in the event of loss, injury, or death during a critical incident. This training also prepares your staff and leadership to identify, prevent, and resolve these incidents.

Each client's needs are different, but generally, the process involves an initial visit to the physical site. At that meeting, Sparrow Defense and the staff will discuss and identify specific needs and goals to be addressed by the evaluation. This meeting can also be conducted by phone, when necessary.

At the initial meeting, Sparrow Defense and the client will identify a time to conduct a survey of the existing security protocols at the location in question. Specific areas of assessment include:
  • Handling and transporting currency
  • Initial response to a critical incident (violence / accident / traumatic injury)
  • Post-incident medical treatment and care
  • Coordination with law enforcement and first responders
  • Communication with the media
Sparrow Defense will then draft an assessment for the client, highlighting any corrective or suggested action to be taken.

The client is then free to act on the assessment in whatever manner they choose. Sparrow Defense can be retained to provide professional development and training services to the staff, or the client may reach out to other vendors.


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